How to Install New Door Locks

How to Install New Door Locks

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Installation of a new lock enhances the security of a new home.Install  Door Locks Charlotte NC

Installation of new door lock is an important aspect of moving into a home to increase your home’s security. You may also elect to install a new lock if the current lock is poorly installed or does not work correctly because the mechanism has worn out. Replacement of the existing lock requires accurate measurement of the hole in the door so that you can purchase an appropriate replacement to simplify the installation process.


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      Remove the old doorknob by taking out the screws located on either side of the knob. If there are no screws visible, remove the inside door knob first by locating the catch inside a little slot or hole and releasing it with a small flat-head screwdriver or sharp, pointed instrument such as an awl or pin.

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      Pull the two halves of the doorknob apart and out of the door.

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      Measure the hole in the door and bolt plate or strike plate with a measuring tape. If necessary, replace the old doorknob until the new one can be installed; go to a local hardware store and purchase a new one.

    • 4

      Test the new lock and keys to make sure everything works before beginning the installation.

    • 5

      Install the new latch and bolt plate on the edge of the door.

    • 6

      Insert the half of the door knob that has the spindle, then slip the other half carefully in place with the screws lined up.

    • 7

      Screw both halves together and test the lock again.





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Best ways to store office equipments when moving

Moving office becomes imperative with the growth and changing trends of every business. Office relocation is more stressful than moving your home. In order to make office relocation hassle free, the best alternative will be to hire services of Self Storage North Carolina.Need to change  locks in Charlotte NC call : 980-222-1700 Every company offers its own set of guidelines that must be followed for the big move. Preparing for a corporate move is tough, as you have to consider several factors like packing and storing office equipment, which can cause stress and consume a lot of your time. Planning in advance is the best way to make your office relocation smooth.Office relocation involves moving numerous equipment’s like furniture, important files, documents, computers and books. Storage can be a major problem most corporate face when moving office. Office equipment’s need to be stored in such a manner that they are safe and secure.Most of the important information is stored in files and computers. It becomes increasingly important to store office equipments in self storage units, to protect them from damage. You can also opt for North Carolina Storage services for storing office equipment safely. Here are a few ways to store office equipments safely when moving.

  • Since files, documents, computer and office furniture are items that cannot withstand extreme heat or cold, it is vital to store these office equipments in climate controlled storage units.
  • Security and accessibility of the storage unit where office equipments are stored is essential. Ensure that the storage unit has fire alarms and CCTV camera’s to avoid theft.
  • Enquire whether the storage unit has insurance coverage. Insurance cover is important to protect files and documents from getting damaged.
  • Prior to relocating office access the amount of storage space you require and opt for storage units accordingly.
  • Opt for the best firms offering moving and storage services for your office. Professional movers pack your office equipment and also offer storage services as per your requirements.
  •  Once you have moved to your new location, you can store office equipment in cabinets. Metal filing cabinets are very beneficial for most businesses, as they are spacious and relatively simple to use. Wooden cabinets are also affordable office storage solutions that appear to be more attractive than steel cabinets.

If you are relocating office on your own, preparing a checklist prior to the move will make moving easier. However, if you hire a moving services firm, you have to enquire about the kind of services they offer and select firms that suit your requirements. Utilize these office moving and storage ideas effectively to make your move smooth.

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Install Door Locks Charlotte NC

Install Door Locks Charlotte NC or Master Key System for House Security
There are several advanced Home security solutions like door locks, master key system, alarm systems, etc. These solutions provide complete peace of mind to the home owners. You can enhance your Home security by selecting right type of security solution for your dwelling.

With advanced security systems, you can protect your house in Charlotte NC from burglars or any other type of incident that can disturb the peaceful environment at your home. One of the best security solutions is surveillance system. House owners have the option of choosing between wired or wireless alarm systems, which generally come equipped with several advanced features.

The best thing about different types of house security solutions is that it stops a potential break in. By stepping out to nearby store, you can take a look at different types of home security solutions offered over there.
Read more about Home security here

Devices that offer complete house safety includes a security alarm kit designed with a control panel, motion sensors and an emergency dialer. It makes a worthy investment for house owners as everything is included in this alarm kit. There is no need for house owners to purchase separate door locks or install new master key system or any other security system for protection of your house.

People living in very high risky areas should opt for roller shutters for security purpose. These shutters are usually manufactured from high quality aluminium to offer the utmost production. While for commercial property, you can make use of commercial roller shutters. This type of shutters is manufactured from galvanised steel with steel guide rails. This can be considered as the best solution for safety of your dwelling.

On the other hand, there are numerous jobs in certain of the bigger urban centers which have a number of auto locksmith services and emergency locksmith vans on the streets, along with shop. These businesses are grossing effectively into the million dollar numbers each year. It’s a point of |willingness, personal fulfillment, inspiration and satisfaction. Mindset, marketing expertise and common business knowledge will also be good properties required for real success.

Where to buy home security products?

There is no specific store, to find a variety of house security products. The right place to find for the best and advanced systems is online. You can conduct an online search to find out which websites and portals are offering these products at affordable rates.

Install Door Locks | 980-222-1700 | House Security

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Emergency lockout Charlotte NC

How to act in an Emergency lockout Charlotte NC situation ?
It’s happened to all of us. You’ve had something else on your mind while you’re shopping, visiting restaurants, going to the movies or playground. You come back to your car, reach for your keys and — they’re not there. Did you drop them or leave them behind some place? Did someone take them? How are you going to get into your car — or back into your house?
Most of us know the feeling of panic that rises up immediately when keys are misplaced or lost. It can be especially unnerving at night, and in bad weather. If you have children with you, a lockout situation can become nightmarish with fear not only for your own safety, but theirs.
The first thing to keep in mind is to fight down that panic sensation. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Remain calm and be patient with yourself and those around you — don’t give way to anger or blame. Just find the keys. Check every pocket, purse and shopping bag. If family members or friends are with you, make sure they do the same — including small children. Go through strollers, carriers, supply bags, slings. You’d be surprised at some of the bizarre places you might have put those keys! Go back in your mind to where you last had the keys and try to retrace your actions. Did you visit the rest room anywhere? Could they have fallen out of your pocket or purse? If you have a cell phone with you, call the places you visited and see if the keys have been turned in.
When all else fails and you simply can’t find the keys anywhere, remain calm. If you have a cell phone, call Charlotte Locksmith  emergency Locksmith at 877-760-2555 . (Store this number on your cell phone now — you’ll be glad you did.) If you don’t own a cell phone, always carry enough change with you to use a pay phone, and call Charlotte Locksmith from there. We are here 24-7 to help you!

Keep your house safe from Burglary

Keep your house safe from Burglary

The security for your apartment, flat or house needs the best provision to avoid any sort of break-in. Burglaries happen once every 15 seconds according to FBI Stats. You can definitely prevent such crimes by taking a few safety measures. Preparing yourself for such an act is mandatory. It will be useful if you keep all your valuable things in a safe place to prevent them from being stolen. The burglars prefer doing their business during the daytime as most homes are vacant during the working hours.

Ways to prevent a break-in:

You should use automatic light timers to fool the burglars about your presence. Never leave your house in the dark when you are out for a vacation.
Parking your car in a garage with the door properly shut is useful. This doesn’t reveal your absence as no one can figure out whether your car is parked in there or not.
Another viable option is to put a radio on automatic timer with loud volume so that it can be heard outside.
Don’t keep the telephone ringer on a high volume when you are out.
Some people prefer putting a note on the door disclosing that they are not present. This can seriously attract a lot of attention.
You should not let the newspapers and mails pile up in front of your door. Ask a trusted neighbour to pick them up.
At times the burglars might call on your number to check whether it is on answering machine or not. It is suggested that you should have your calls forwarded to some other number.
Garbage cans be used by your neighbour and you can ask them to take the cans out to the streets. Seeing the garbage cans empty for sometime can alert a potential burglar about your absence. You can inform the local police about your vacation plans and ask them to conduct regular checks and patrols of your house and locality.
If your curtains stay in the same position for a longer period of time, it can also create a doubt in the burglar’s mind about you not being there. So, it is better to give the keys of your house to a trusted family member or friend to visit once in a while.
You need to have good lighting in the area where the parking is done.
Motion detector lights are more preferable than switching on the lights for the whole night. Make sure you install these lights around nine feet high above the ground. This doesn’t allow them to disable easily.
The doors and the windows should be well lit and you should avoid any sort of bushes or shrubs around your windows. If you feel like planting them then make sure it puts off any sort of break in. The one with thorns are suggested to make access to your house difficult.
You can also install a loud security alarm system that can alert the people residing nearby.
As you move into a new house, make sure you get all the locks changed. You should consult the locksmith once about the types of locks available.
You should avoid parting with information about your valuables to children who may unmindfully let it slip in front of a stranger.
Tell the children about the working of the security system and other basic measures like not opening the doorsto strangers or talking to them.
The above mentioned tips, if religiously followed will be sure to leave absolutely no chance for your house to get burgled. A little care and caution exercised on a daily basis can provide peace of mind and also keep you security.

burglar breaks into a home in the United States

Every 15 seconds, a burglar breaks into a home in the United States, steals an average $1,725 worth of property and robs the people who live there of peace of mind for years [sources: McGoey, FBI].

It happened more than 2 million times in 2005, and most if not all of those victims thought their home was pretty secure [source: FBI]. They had locks, lights, neighbors and the occasional dog, alarm system, moat and/or window bars. So how’d it happen?

The depressing fact is, it’s actually not that hard to get into most homes. The risk of being seen breaking in is more of a deterrent than a subpar lock, and since most residential robberies happen in broad daylight, that risk is apparently not an overwhelming one [source: FBI]. The problem is that most homes have weak points, and seasoned thieves are pretty good at finding them.

Some weak points are obvious: An open door, for instance, screams “I’m tired of my brand new awesome iPad.” A tree house within stepping distance from an upstairs window is probably not a great idea. A ground-floor window left open on a hot summer night is criminal catnip. Most people are more careful than that, though, yet burglary is still relatively commonplace.

The weak points that lead to most burglaries are somewhat more hidden. They’re easy enough to fix, though. Thoughtfully securing a home against break-in, while never a sure thing, can at least greatly reduce the risk of falling prey to this particular violation. And that doesn’t mean a shark-filled moat. It means making a few changes, additions and behavior modifications that create a less appealing target. In this article, we’ll check out five of those fixes and find out how to implement them effectively.

We’ll start with one of the most common (and most commonly misunderstood) security additions: the ever-popular, easily implemented, often helpful alarm system.